Berliner S-Bahnhöfe

Upgrading 12 S-Bahn stations together with Berlin artists

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Berliner S-Bahnhöfe


Twelve Berlin S-Bahn stations were artistically designed and repaired with the aim of improving their appearance, cleanliness and safety. In cooperation with the agency beMATES, concepts have been developed to respond individually to each station and to re-emphasise its character and make reference to its environment.

Local artists designed the stations Wedding (Kera Christian Hinz), Frankfurter Allee (Falk Land), Landsberger Allee (Tape That) and Bornholmer Straße (Guillermo Quintana) with works of art created especially for these stations. At Schöneberg station, the many sea-blue tiles that run through the entire station architecture were the inspiration for a colourful water world in pixel art. At Lichtenberg station, a lot of green was brought into the urban environment in different variations, at Westkreuz station an intuitively designed route guide shows passengers the way. Köpenick station was provided with excerpts from the song anthem “Köpenick” by the rapper Romano with a footnote to the Köpenick charm. A panoramic collage of historical and modern motifs by photographer David Trujillo Alvarez shows at the Oberlichtrotunda at Tempelhof station that the horizon remains the same over the years. An exhibition by the agency Ostkreuz on the theme “As colourful as Wedding” shows the wedding in all its colours and shapes, matching the work of art. On the glass surfaces of the exit at Westhafen station, a graphic dynamic pattern underlines the up and down movement of the passengers. At Schönhauser Allee, Rathaus Steglitz, Köpenick, Lichtenberg, Bornholmer Straße and Frankfurter Allee stations, motifs from the past and present stage the history and development of the stations.

Overall, the individual and authentic design of each station gave the stations a piece of local identity and identification and significantly enhanced their appearance. Improvements to the route, modifications to the lighting and repairs rounded off the measures at the stations.